How To Shift Gears In A Semi-Truck

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Big thanks to Ridge Wallet for sponsoring this video! Check them out here: https://ridge.com/callthemall Use Code “CALLTHEMALL” for 15% off your order 0:00 Intro/Sponsorship 2:06 Part 1: The Basics! Going through the air triggers and the pedals, plus the different types and shift patterns of the most common transmissions you may drive. Also how to start and move the truck. 11:04 Part 2: Upshifting! Going through double clutching, and floating the gears, plus the differences in shifting styles between loaded and empty 12:27 Example: Double Clutching All 18 Gears 15:51 Example: Floating Gears and My Typical Shift Pattern 19:38 Example: Skipping Gears While Empty 21:16 Example: Skipping Gears With Jake Brakes 22:31 Extra Tips! 27:41 Part 3: Downshifting! Going through downshifting techniques with and without the Jake brakes. 28:50 Example: Double Clutching, Downshift Whole Gears 30:57 Example: Floating Gears, Downshift Every Gear 32:13 Emergency Stops! 32:42 Extra Tips! 2006 Peterbilt 379 CAT C15 MXS 650hp B-Train Flatbed Trailers

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