Kenworth W900L - 3 Stick Shifting

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If you can drive a normal 13 or 18 speed truck, you can drive this. It's the same thing, but with the switches turned into sticks. It's a 13 speed. The 'stick' on the right is replacing the range selector switch. The 'stick' on the left is replacing the splitter switch. you can see him shift all 13 speeds starting at 5:16 as follows: low, 1'st, 2'nd, 3'rd, 4'th, then selects high range (right stick), then 5'th direct, 5'th overdrive (left stick), 6'th direct, 6'th over (left stick), 7'th direct, 7'th over (left stick), 8'th direct, 8'th over (left stick). He kicks the shifter (middle stick) into neutral then back into gear when he splits 5'th to 8'th gears. I agree that it looks cool, but for me the novelty would wear of in about 15 minutes.

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