John Deere Gator - All-Terrain Work Utility Vehicle

John Deere Gator - All-Terrain Work Utility Vehicle

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John Deere Gator is designed for the job site, and typically feature a box bed, much like a pickup truck.

If you're looking for a small all-terrain utility vehicle, consider a John Deere Gator. These vehicles are designed for the job site, and typically feature a box bed, much like a pickup truck. Some models have an electric dump body. Some Gators can be configured to work as a pickup truck!

XUV835R John Deere Gator


The John Deere XUV 835R is a utility vehicle with a powerful 54-horsepower, triple-cylinder engine. Its design resists scratches and dents, and the bodywork flows seamlessly from front to back. Its rear dump box is easily accessible, and the unit comes with a handy dipstick for quick oil checks. This model also features power steering and an air-conditioning compressor.

The John Deere XUV835 is a utility vehicle designed specifically for hardworking people. It has a large operator's cab with ample legroom and adjustable seats. It also features tilt steering, an excellent digital dashboard, and 16 gallons of internal storage.

The John Deere XUV835R is equipped with AutoTrac(TM) Ready Gator technology. This technology allows for hands-free operation of the tractor's features and functions. The XUV's top speed is 45MPH, and it has an 11-inch ground clearance. The XUV835R can haul up to 2000 pounds, and it comes standard with power steering.

The John Deere XUV835 Gator utility vehicle is subject to a recall by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The recall affects models sold between $13,860 and $22,930. The problem is faulty throttle cable routing. When this happens, the throttle can stick, which will result in an accident. Moreover, the vehicle may not be able to stop if it hits a bump or obstacle. John Deere says that 9 incidents of this kind have been reported. The company is contacting known purchasers directly.

HPX John Deere Gator


The John Deere Gator HPX is a high-performance Work Utility Vehicle. It has a top speed of 25 mph and is capable of handling the roughest terrain. This machine comes with a true 4WD and an automatic, dual-range CVT transmission. Its controls are easy-to-use and color-coded for easy operation.

The Gator HPX is an advanced utility vehicle that is capable of performing a variety of tasks, from everyday lawn care to military tasks and off-roading. Its versatility has led it to become one of the most popular utility vehicles from John Deere. It has more towing capacity than the original Gator, which makes it an excellent choice for towing heavy loads. It can also accommodate different attachments, which increases its versatility.

The Gator has a long history in the military. It was used by the U.S. Army as part of Operation SFOR2. The first generation of the Gator was painted in camouflage and came with a carrying tray on the hood. It was also fitted with brackets for rifles and could carry two litters on the rear deck. It has been used for utility work, casualty evacuation, and supply deliveries in Iraq and Afghanistan.

One of the most popular models of the Gator is the 4x4 model, which was introduced in 2007. It is designed for commercial and recreational use. The Gator 4x4 uses carburated gas engines and a simplified 4WD system. It offers comfort and capability with independent suspension and authentic John Deere Gator accessories.


The John Deere Gator is a utility vehicle developed for military use. It is equipped with a three-point seat belt system, a fire extinguisher, and a rifle mount system. In addition, it is capable of carrying tools and cargo across Army airfields.

The military Gator is a rugged drop zone utility vehicle. It was deployed with the first units of Operation Enduring Freedom and has since been delivered to military units around the world. It is currently being used extensively in Iraq and Afghanistan. The military has also been impressed with the company's robotic expertise. The PackBot, which is small enough to be carried by a single soldier, has been used in thousands of missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The John Deere Gator is built to meet the strict standards required by the military. It features a small, but powerful engine with a maximum output of 341 ccs. It is capable of heavy work and has a continuously variable transmission, so there are no gear shifts or clutches required. The Gator can carry a payload of up to 600 lbs.

The Gator is available in a range of configurations and sizes. Its open-station version is available for pre-order, while HVAC-equipped versions will be available this fall. The Gator XUV835M Honor Edition Utility Vehicle has military-inspired graphics, a black roof, and black alloy wheels. It has a Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Extreme Terrain radial tire to help it negotiate tough farm terrain.

A deluxe cargo box is also available. The XUV835M cargo box has a spray-in liner and tail lights for safety. The deluxe cargo box can be raised and lowered with a power lift feature. Model-year 2022 full-size Gators will have heavy-duty all-terrain radial tires. These tires provide increased tread life and reduce ground pressure and terrain impact.

The John Deere Gator is a popular utility vehicle for civilians, but military operators find the utility Gator extremely versatile and tough. Its versatility makes it ideal for a wide variety of military tasks.

John Deere Gator


The John Deere Gator TX Turf has a cargo box designed for greater efficiency on the golf course. Its deluxe cargo box is made of polypropylene composite material which reduces noise and resists rust. It has a tilting prop rod to provide more stability when loading and unloading. This tractor also has high-back seats and cup holders.

The Gator TX Turf is powered by a 13.5 horsepower fuel-efficient engine which requires minimal fuel. It has a variable clutch system and high-tech power transmission. It also comes with a backup alarm that alerts pedestrians in the vicinity of the machine. It also features a smooth steering system and hydraulic disc brakes for maximum efficiency.

The John Deere Gator turf vehicles can help keep the 18-hole golf course perfectly trimmed. This equipment is designed to handle all types of tasks and conditions. With these vehicles, golf course operators can cruise from hole to hole without affecting the aesthetics of the course. These vehicles are available in 3 different models.

The Gator(TM) TX Turf features a continuously variable clutch system that allows the operator to control the speed of the tractor. The system is connected to the transaxle and rear axle. This allows the tractor to adjust its speed according to the load. The drive clutch is also tuned to reduce engine speed when going downhill. A spring-loaded drive clutch closes when the engine is going downhill.